CFJS Function Listing

It's been a long while since I've made any mention of CFJS in any of my blog posts. I had a look at the function listing linked to on the right had side of the page under Projects, and noticed that the function listing wasn't quite up-to-date.

So, I decided that I'd post a fresh one. I'll replace the old link on the side with a new one to this post.

I've not gotten any requests for new functionality to be added to the library, and quite frankly, I've been too busy to devote too much time to it recently. I hope that will change later, but I think the library gets a good workout by everyone who uses it, and if something were wrong with it I'm sure I'd hear about it. ;o)

So without further ado, here's the most recent function listing. I may play around with the format of the listing, but the content shouldn't change. :o)

Array (5)
Date/Time (8)


jQuery + AjaxCFC Tutorial Part 3: Debugging

If there's one thing that's for certain it's that Ajax is very cool stuff, and everyone it seems is using it. It allows us as developers to provide for that slick desktop app sort of feel inside of a browser.

On the other hand: debugging ajax calls can be a serious pain in the butt! There are tools out there to help us though: Fiddler, FireBug, GreaseMonkey, Venkmen, etc. and those are fine, but Rob Gonda has provided us ColdFusion programmers with even more functionality when it comes to debugging our XMLHttpRequest calls.

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The Ark -- Don't Miss The Boat!

One of the things I love doing (besides coding in CF) is to sing and be on stage. It's been a while since I've done both of these things together. However, I recently auditioned for a part in the musical The Ark by Michael McLean and Kevin Kelly, and this last Monday I received a call offering me a part!

I'm super excited to be involved in this production at The Artisan Center Theatre which will run from Dec.28 through Jan.26. I would love it if everyone reading this in the DFW area (or who might be in the area during the shows run) would come and see this musical comedy about life on board the ark during those forty days and nights.

jQuery + AjaxCFC Tutorial Part 2: Handling Complex Data

Okay. It's late. Really late. But, I'm back -- I know you're thinkin' who the heck are you? -- and part two of my jQuery + AjaxCFC tutorial is finally here. I've been stressing over not having finished this sooner, but I hope some folks will still find it useful.


Win a free license for ColdFusion 8!

Kalendar is a cool calender framework written using a custom tag and some CFCs. The Kalendar team is running a design contest for this sweet little open source app.

If the UI you design is deemed the best one, you'll win yourself a brand-spankin'-new license to ColdFusion 8 (standard edition).

Details on the contest can be found on TJ Downes' blog.

If only my css skills were up there with the big boys, I'd give it a shot... oh, and there's a matter of having the time ;o)

Good luck to all who enter!


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